Pros & Cons of Customizing your Car

When you think about car customization, it’s hard to resist the options. You can make your wheels look better and sound faster. Some upgrades even promise to increase performance, from engine upgrades and beyond. But every change from the factory settings makes your car maintenance a little more complicated.

Raised or Slammed Suspension

If you’re willing to make the investment, these car customizations give your vehicle a very cool profile.


  • Raised trucks have better body, frame and differential clearance.
  • Slamming a car with a lowrider look improves handling and tire grip.


  • Raising a truck can damage its suspension system by changing wheel alignment and driveshaft angle.
  • A slammed suspension system rides rough, especially on inclines and speed bumps.

Giant Wheels and Low-Profile Tires

Wheels may seem like an overlooked part of a vehicle, but changing them up can make a big statement at a relatively reasonable cost.


  • The wheel-tire combination looks great on trucks and high-riding SUVs.
  • Larger wheels and shallow sidewalls can give you better control over cornering and braking.


  • The tires don’t cushion against the impact of potholes and speed bumps.
  • Low-profile tires don’t handle as well on wet or icy roads as factory-installed tires.
  • Giant wheels change the original balance between transmission and tires.

Performance Tail Pipes

If you love the roar of a custom tail pipe, stand out on the road with this modification.


  • Tail pipe car customization gives ordinary wheels the powerful sound of a professional race car.
  • Some exhaust pipe upgrades promise better engine performance and mileage.


  • The modification increases exhaust temperatures, potentially damaging cylinder head valves.
  • A performance tail pipe can hurt the engine by reducing back pressure on the exhaust system.

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