What is Car Upholstery?

The term car upholstery is typically in reference to the seats in your car, truck, or SUV. In all actuality, car upholstery is the entire interior of your vehicle including the roof, center console, and anywhere else that has fabric.

While your roof or center console can and should be reupholstered from time to time, they don’t typically get used or worn down as much as the seats. That’s why the simplest answer to the question “what is automotive upholstery” is the renewing and updating of the seats and trim in your vehicle.

Types of Upholstery


There are various kinds of vehicle upholstery you can use. Some people opt for traditional seat covers while others choose to get the fabric in their interior completely replaced with new car upholstery. At Boss Customz, our leather car seats are not the same as traditional seat covers. We replace the fabric on your seats with completely new material and designs chosen by you.

We can also add temperature controls to your seats including ventilation and heat while we’re getting rid of your old material and replacing it with new, high-quality seats. If there are other parts of your interior that you’d like to replace such as the center console and armrests, we can do that as well. We install all of this for you at your request. Think of it like upholstery you would get in your home but applied to your car.

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